We Are COVID-19 Conscious

We are conscious, now more than ever, of the health and safety of you, our valued customers, and of our role in limiting the spread of COVID-19. With that, we want to reassure you that we are maintaining the best possible hygiene measures to ensure our kitchen operates at the highest standard.

Our Kitchen

  • We are keeping minimal staff in operation & eliminating their use of public transport as much as possible
  • All staff are monitored for any flu-like symptoms, and staff temperatures are checked before every shift
  • We follow stringent round-the-clock hand-washing procedures
  • All of our staff wear gloves and face masks during food preparation
As you may know, you can now call and order your Hudsons fix directly from us, without the use of any third-party delivery service. If you order with us directly, you can save 10% on your entire order. We kindly urge you to help us “cut out the middle man” so to speak, as using third-party delivery means we, as a business lose up to a quarter of our revenue, which is quite a price to pay, especially during these trying times.
Our Delivery
  • We’ve rallied our waitresses and barmen to help us with delivery, all of which stay near and will be delivering within the surrounding areas of our stores
  • Our staff are thoroughly trained on hygiene and social distancing protocols and wear masks and gloves when making deliveries
  • If you choose to make payment by card, our staff will sanitise the card machine before and after every use, and you can insert and remove your card without the staff coming into contact with it
  • If you do happen to use a third-party delivery service, all third-party delivery drivers are made to adhere to strict social distancing and hygiene  protocol while waiting for and collecting orders at our stores
We ask that you also remember to play your part by washing your hands before you enjoy your meal, and thank you sincerely for trusting us to prepare and provide your meal during this pandemic and for the better days to come.
Lastly,  we want you to know that although it’ll be covered by a face mask, we are preparing and delivering all your food with a great, big smile!

Hudsons Team.