The Frontline Worker

Our latest and greatest creation, chicken inspired, plant perfected. The Frontline Worker is a delicious combo of cajun chicken-style fillet strips, topped with mustard mayo, cos lettuce, tomato, and home-made pickles. Made using a new to market, vegan chicken-style fillet, this burger will not only delight your taste buds but will genuinely have you second-guessing if something vegan can taste this good.
Succulent and tender, the chicken-style protein is made using a multi-protein blend of soy, fava bean, pea, lentil, and chickpea flour. By adding water, pressure, and heat to the multi-protein blend, flavourful, fibrous textures are created – so similar to the real thing it leaves people craving more.

This chicken-y plant protein masterpiece is available exclusively at Hudsons.

Come in and try The Frontline Worker for yourself, available every Monday for only R55, and every other day for R89. Share your experience on social media and tell us your thoughts! @hudsonsburgers on Instagram